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Problems and Solutions
Problems and Solutions

Illegal poaching
In rural areas meat is a rare commodity. This has led to the hunting of wildlife for food. In addition the meat of many wild animals is considered a rare delicacy that comes with a high price. This has led to the hunting of wild animals causing their numbers to dwindle rapidly.

Encroachment on Forest Areas
Encroachment to open up more agriculture space and business owners to open tourist resorts has caused the rapid reduction of forest areas. These efforts by man reduce the number of wild animals and as a result the few remaining animals are driven deeper into the forests.

Use of Chemicals and Pesticides
Pesticides and chemicals have a major impact on the habitat of many animals especially birds. The chemicals used are not easily biodegradable and have been absorbed into the food and natural habitat. The result is an interference with their livelihood and reproduction causing the numbers of these animals to drop considerably.

Actions Done Because of Lack of Knowledge
Some wild animals are taken as pets. The owners of these animals do not realize that in order for these animals to be sold as pets the mothers have been killed. This is necessary to capture them. Often these pets don't survive because they lack their natural habitat and even if these animals survive their childhood they cannot reproduce because they are not healthy enough or their environment is not suitable.


The best way to solve problems concerning wild life is through prevention. The enforcement of laws does not solve the problems at their root cause.

Therefore, it is important to educate students and the public so that they will understand the necessity for wild life preservation. Education through schools and out of schools, promotion of jobs involving wildlife preservation, and the use of the media are important. Further study about the preservation of wildlife through texts, news, feature articles, and from people in their local vicinity in order to create an understanding about preservation.

Stopping actions that pose risks to wild life such as fishing, hunting, encroaching of forests, and starting fires in forests. Additionally youngsters should warn their relatives and friends against such actions.

Joining wild life preservation activities such as exhibitions and movements in school for the promotion of wild life preservation. And providing officials with information when they are aware and are unable to stop actions that are harmful to the forests such as starting fires, raising and selling of wildlife.

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